These days, it’s so important for your website to be up to date, easy to navigate and fast to load. With everything being on the web, your company website should be in the best shape possible to ensure your online prospects turn into leads.

So we’re here to help! This article is going to list improvements you can make on your website right away:

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  1. Site loading speed

Apparently it takes just six seconds to win a visitor over with your website, so you don’t want them to be spending most of that time waiting for your site to load! If your website is slow, make sure your images and project photos are optimised to a smaller size – this is the biggest thing that can make a page take longer to load.

  1. Stand out from your competitors

Grab the attention of your visitors with your unique selling points and the benefits that they can get from coming to you. Does your homepage highlight your USPs? It’s vital for your USP to be unique and something that makes you stand out. For example, a building company’s could be “We’re not just the best builders in town, but we’re the only builders who offer a no hassle, money back guarantee on all our work!” instead of something less exciting like “We provide a professional building service at the right cost.”

  1. Make the text font and colour consistent

You shouldn’t have any more than 5 main colours on your website, otherwise it can look untidy and unprofessional. Make sure your site is colour consistent and relevant to your branding. Here’s our website as an example – the font is the same for all headings and we only have a handful of different colours.



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  1. Proof-read every page

When did you last check your website for spelling and grammar errors? Yes it’s tedious, but there’s nothing worse than poor punctuation and spelling! It’s vital to proof-read everything.

  1. Have a form to request a quote

All websites need a call-to-action, and yours could be for visitors to request a quotation from you. Also make sure it states what you’ll need in order to quote (e.g. a set of plans) and how long it will take. Make sure it includes ‘Where did you hear about us?’ – If you’re a company with different marketing techniques, how will you know which methods are working? Having this question on your contact form will give you an idea.

  1. How does your website look on a mobile?

50% of online searches are done through a mobile/tablet. Is your website mobile friendly? See what it looks like on a mobile and check the layout and navigation is ok.

  1. Testimonials

Having testimonials on your website from your past and current customers makes your company more valid and easier to trust (social proof is a big thing now); it’s better to hear what is good about you from somebody else. So if you don’t have them already, put them on!

  1. Have a gallery

Having a gallery of before and after project photos is an effective way to show your prospects exactly what you can do. Show off your previous work!

  1. Blog posts

Blog posts/articles (that include relevant keywords and phrases) are a great way to drive people to your website via Google and they also show that you’re “in the know” about your industry. Write about things that your prospects and clients will be interested in reading to gain new website visitors!

For example, a builder, ground worker or hard landscaper could have the following titles as blog posts:

  • New ideas for hard landscaping
  • The best ways to remove snow from hilly driveways
  • What to expect from your building contractor