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1.5 Tonne Electric Mini Digger Rental

Hire a Hybrid Diesel Electric Mini Digger

Kelsey Plant Hire’s versatile 1.5 tonne class hybrid diesel / electric mini diggers are the alternative to diesel-only machines. If you want to look at 1.5 Tonne Electric Mini Digger Rental, then we are the company to call. Theses electric diggers will provide you with top digging performance and breakout force. You can work them in all kinds of grounds in the toughest conditions and you will quickly get your job done with ease.

Electric 1.5 Tonne Mini Digger RentalYou can enjoy extra stability and safety with our 1.5 tonne electric hybrid mini diggers with their expandable undercarriage design. When you choose to hire our little machine you will notice that you do not have to reposition as often whilst digging due to their impressive reach at ground level and their ability to dig close to their undercarriage.  This means you will benefit from greater productivity even in the tightest of spaces. A brilliant little powerhouse!

Additional features of our 1.5 tonne hybrid mini excavators:

  • Excellent increased performance when electrically powered.
  • Emission free in electric mode
  • Practically silent when used in electric mode
  • Continuous use at a cost of less than £1.00 per hour (calculated using average electricity costs @ 31/12/17)
  • Will run off a 15kva generator if no 3-phase available
  • Easily switched between diesel and electric maintaining options for use and travel
  • Maximum digging depth of 2390mm
  • Cylinder-over-boom design (reduces risks of machine damage particularly when loading dumpers)

The TB216H is perfect for use where diesel emissions or noise is not permitted, for example:

  • Underground basements, tunnels etc
  • Enclosed construction sites
  • Factories, warehouses, airports
  • Built-up environments
  • Close to schools, hospitals
  • Internal demolition
  • Urban night work


Details and dimensions shown are of the Takeuchi TB216H; other 1.5 tonne mini digger models and manufacturers will vary. If dimensions are crucial please confirm prior to hire.


If your project is anywhere on the UK mainland and you’re looking at electric mini digger hire, including our 1.5 tonne hybrid mini digger rental then please call us on 01403 249125 for a quote.


When booking your hybrid diesel / electric 1.5 tonne mini digger, don’t forget we can include those few extras you may need that we also stock and hire:

Hydraulic breaker
Additional 3-phase cabling 25m to 150m maximum.
Fully electric emission free skip loading 1 tonne or 1.5 tonne dumpers

Please call us on on 01403 249125 at our Hiredesk if you are looking for Electric Mini Digger Rental.