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Hire a 5 Tonne Mini Digger

5 tonne Mini Digger Rental

Bobcat E45 Mini DiggerKelsey Plant Hire’s reliable 5 tonne mini or midi diggers will provide you with superior hydraulic performance, smooth workgroup control and outstanding operator comfort.

The 5 tonne digger has a powerful 22.9 kN Arm Digging Force and 37.2 kN maximum Bucket Digging Force.

Plumbed into the boom arm are the two way auxiliary hydraulics allowing control to be either left hand lever or foot pedal. This choice is well-suited to operators who are more familiar with larger excavators where foot pedal control is more usual.

You will enjoy the increased productivity from hiring our 5 tonne mini diggers with their fast reactions and smooth, simultaneous operations even whilst travelling straight. A productive, versatile and cost effective workhorse!

Additional features of our 5 tonne mini excavators:

  • 347kg Safe lifting capacity (for productive site materials handling)
  • Two speed travel
  • Comfortable, roomy cabs with excellent 360 degree visibility
  • All hoses situated on top of boom (damage protection)

£100 Cashback Guarantee at Kelsey Plant HireUnlike any of our competitors we are prepared to offer a reassuring 2 stage guarantee on any equipment you hire from us. We will give you up to £100 cash if we exceed maximum response times as detailed in our cashback terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Details and dimensions shown are of the Takeuchi TB250; other 5 tonne digger models and manufacturers will vary. If dimensions are crucial please confirm prior to hire.

So if you are in East Sussex, West Sussex or Surrey & would like to hire a mini digger, including a 5 tonne mini digger rental, then please call us on 01403 249125.

What else do you need?

When booking the hire of your 5 tonne mini digger, don’t forget to include those few extras you may need that we also stock and hire:

A Turf Cutter – this is the easiest and most efficient way to take up and preserve large areas of turf in preparation for landscaping projects, pipe & cable laying etc. The turf cutter has a powerful engine and a variable depth setting.
Breaker Attachment
Extra gas oil
Lifting Hitch Attachment
A Skip Loading dumper – see our page for more information on skip loading dumpers.
A 3 tonne dumper – perhaps you will be needing a larger dumper for your job – we have the 3 tonne dumper or swivel skip dumper.
6 Tonne Dumper – even larger is the 6 tonne dumper for hire, for faster and more efficient transport of your materials
Road Plates – for during and after digging, to ensure continued site access whilst excavations are still open.
Roller or Vibrating/Compactor plate – to level and compact any backfilling & reinstatement after the work has finished. Please choose from our rollers for hire.

Specification Notes


Max Digging Depth


Max Reach @ Ground Level


Width (over tracks)


Cab Height


Operating Weight