ANSWER: Yes, you should clean the machines where and when possible before they are returned.

Particularly after wet weather, all mud etc., needs to be cleared off the machine as much as possible and removed from digger buckets and dumper skips. We realise that on some sites this can be a tall order. Obviously, in dry weather and on your cleaner sites you may well find that there is little or no cleaning required.

We trust that you will have noticed that our plant machinery is always supplied in a thoroughly clean condition. This is because we spend the time and effort preparing the machines for you before each hire.


However, if we have to spend extra time cleaning because they are returned in such a poor state we are very likely to pass on a charge. This can be anywhere between £30 – £150 depending on condition and extra time needed.

To give an example; an 8 tonne digger caked in mud takes far in excess of 3 hours to clean. That’s half a day’s pay, a delay in turnaround time, at least 3000 litres of water and something like 2 tonnes of earth to dispose of.

Something that will always attract a cleaning charge is a machine that is returned covered, or full of, a substance such as concrete, tarmac or manure, etc.

It is not our policy to add charges for fun or for profit, but simply to charge what is right and fair and only when necessary.