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Roller Hire

120 Rollers for Hire

Ammann AV26-2 RollerKelsey Plant Hire’s tandem ride-on 120 rollers are designed to provide very efficient and effective compaction for all medium-sized contracts of construction and repairs of roads, car parks, sports and earthworks.

Our 120 rollers for hire have smooth and gradual power starting, rolling and stopping. For you, this means the elimination of surface ripples ensuring a perfect finish to your compaction job.

Features of our 120 rollers:

  • Double traction
  • Double vibration
  • 2 Working frequencies with 2 corresponding centrifugal forces
  • Pressurised sprinkler system with multiple filtration
  • Folding ROPS for easy transportation / access only

£100 Cashback Guarantee at Kelsey Plant HireUnlike any of our competitors we are prepared to offer a reassuring 2 stage guarantee on any equipment you hire from us. We will give you up to £100 cash if we exceed maximum response times as detailed in our cashback terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Details and dimensions shown are for the Ammann AV26-2; other 120 roller models / manufacturers will vary. If dimensions / specifications are crucial please confirm prior to hire.

If you are in West Sussex, East Sussex or Surrey and would like to enquire about our roller hire, including our 120 rollers for hire then please call us on 01403 249125.

What else do you need?

When booking the hire of your 120 roller, don’t forget to include those few extras you may need that we also stock and hire:
Vibrating Plate
Forward/Reverse Vibrating Plate

Specification Notes


Drum Width


Rolling Width Max


Machine Width Max


Operating Weight


Static Linear Load (kg/cm)


Centrifugal Force (kN)

(1) 34

Centrifugal Force (kN)

(2) 41